James Marcil's Personal Portfolio

Created by:
Alex Fuerst, Kirk Hewitt, Francesco DiPietro, and myself
DirectX, DirectXTK


Asteroids was created as part of a group project for my Foundations of Game Graphics Programming course. We were tasked with re-implementing a classic 2D game in 3D using DirectX11, and our group elected to remake the arcade classic Asteroids. You can find the code for Asteroids publicly hosted on Github.

Over the course of several weeks we were able to implement several major features, including:

  • A Wavefront OBJ Loader.
  • Lighting via the Blinn-Phong Reflection Model.
  • An Entity Component System.
  • A Motion Blur Post-Processing effect.
  • Particle Systems.
  • Skyboxes.
  • Collision Detection via Octrees.