James Marcil's Personal Portfolio

Planetary Annihilation
Created by:
Myself, Andrea Mangione, Luke Familo, Johnathan Bowman, and James Arnold
ActionScript 3

Planetary Annihilation:

Planetary Annihilation was the first digital game we prototyped for our Fundamentals of Game Design & Development II course. The objective of the course was to gain experience rapidly prototyping, and iterating upon game ideas to test their viability. We created the game over the course of three weeks. Since we had so little time, we chose to use the Flixel game engine to provide us more time to focus on our game's mechanics. Planetary Annihilation is a physics based game, where you control a planet and navigate around the solar system. You can pull asteroids into your orbit, and fling them at other hostile planets that are coming after you. Working on this project afforded me experience in quick prototyping and implementation of ideas. Within a matter of days, we had a working version of our game that we were able to playtest and determine how fun our concept was. I also gained valuable experience working on, and coordinating with a team of five people on a project.